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    I love cookbooks. I love cookbooks the way some women love shoes, the way boys love baseball cards. I collect them. I love them. I covet them. Do I cook from them? Have I opened them or read them all? NO! And for that I am ashamed.

    It is time to correct this … and here is where it will happen!

    I am determined to a minimum of once a week to cook something or bake something from one of the books on the shelf.

    Read along, this should be interesting!

    10 Responses

    1. sure, i added you to my blogroll (^-^)


    2. Good luck on your endeavor! I’m also hoping to try out a new recipe each week. I’ve refrained from buying too many cookbooks, but I have a hankering for a new one. Can you recommend your favorite cookbook?

    3. You mean pick just one! LOL

      I love anything by Nigella Lawson or Bill Granger or Julia Child.

      For Baking it would have to be Dorie Greenspan or a book called The Weekend Baker.

      Okay…UNCLE…..I can’t pick just one!! But so much is available online you can put together your own book of favorite recipes from all over.

    4. I also collect cookbooks and I read them as one might read a novel. When I look at them in the bookstore my criteria for buying is that I see at least one recipe that I will try.
      I love Paula Deen and Ina Gartner cookbooks. In fact Paula is my hero because “ya’ll can never use too much butter” LOL.
      love this blog – thanks!

    5. I’m glad I have found your blog. If nothing else, because I hoard cookbooks. I buy them as souvenirs on trips. I buy them as coffee table books. I have more than my little kitchen can handle, and they have migrated to the living area bookshelf. I’ve always told myself that I have to start using them all. Maybe I should go with your challenge of cooking out of at least one a week. Wish me luck!

      • Good luck! It isn’t easy! And, btw, they’re in my kitchen bookshelves, in my bedroom in a pile next to my bed, in the living room next to the coffee table! I too would rather buy a local cookbook on vacation than a useless souvenier – oh, wait, maybe a wooden spoon, or a dishcloth…. I AM HOPELESS!

    6. I also collect and read them as novels … my nose is always in a cookbook! I have a spare room which has been shelved from floor to ceiling with bookselves on 3 walls … they are FULL and there are 6 shelves in the living room FULL and a pile on the floor in the bedroom and a new pile on the couch where I sit in the evening … I know you can find anything on line, but there is nothing like flipping through a cookbook.. The “library” has an double oversized memory foam beanbag chair in front of a window and I can be found curled up there especially on a sunny winter afteroon reading a new “friend”!! My children will probably throw them all in a dumpster … 😦

    7. thanks for subscribing to ohshineon i look forward to trying your recipes as well!

    8. I also read cookbooks like others read novels. I hardly ever follow recipes though… I use them for inspiration, mostly. I have over 300 on the shelves currently and I usually cull about once a year or so and give away the ‘deadwood’.

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