Sargento Cheese Comparison

Sometimes you just gotta love blogging!

FoodBuzz Tastemakers and Sargento Cheese asked me to compare Sargento cheese to any processed cheese.

First, contrary to popular belief, processed cheese is real cheese. It just has emulsifiers added to it so that it melts more uniformly. Also, the additives allow this cheese product to have a LONG, long, long shelf life!

And another bit of misinformation, although Kraft was the first American company to introduce processed cheese it is actually a Swiss invention!

Because of the additives and emulsifiers, tis cannot be sold as cheese but only as a cheese product.

Now, on the other hand, Sargento is all natural cheese. No emulsifiers, no additives.

The 2 cheese in that photo are both cheddar. The one on the left is a cheese product. The one on the right Sargento.  Sargento’s cheese saps when you bend it, te processed not so much. The color is more vibrant ont he Sargento. THe taste has a wonderful sharpness and dry quality.

We had this taste comparison over the weekend – some crackers, grapes, dried cherries, caramelized onions. And trying each with a bit of each topping, even with eyes closed – well, there is no comparison –

Sargento is a superior cheese. Great taste. Great value. Perfect for all our cheese needs!