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  • Bird’s Eye Pasta with Grilled Chicken

    A while back I was invited by the Tastemaker program at Foodbuzz and Bird’s Eye to taste test some new products coming out on the market from their Chef’s Special Steamfresh line.

    The risottos were great. We weren’t to crazy about the green beans and potatoes. And the bag of creamed spinach sat in my freezer.

    And sat in my freezer.

    And sat in my freezer.

    The truth of the matter is …

    (be ready to gasp)

    I really dislike creamed spinach. Really, REEEEAAALLLY dislike creamed spinach.

    What’s a girl to do? Ask her mother, that’s what. My Mom came up with the perfect solution – throw it into some pasta. Pure genius – I hoped!

    I started a large pot of water boiling, and cooked pasta. I cut up, seasoned and sautéed 2 boneless chicken breasts. Once cooked through and browned, I removed them from the pan. Added the creamed spinach until it was defrosted, added back in the chicken, a splash of cream, the cooked pasta, about 2/3 C of the pasta water to thicken it a little, and a handful of Parmigiano.

    Absolutely fantastic!

    (I may need to keep bags of this in my freezer now for a chicken dinner! Doesn’t really get easier than this!)