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    I am very late to the Pioneer Woman bandwagon. Not sure why. I love her recipes and style of cooking. Might have to do with my general aversion to blogs for such a long time. I still find it amazing when I look at my stats each day that people actually stop by here and read my blog!

    Anywho … I was gently lulled into my affection for the Pioneer Woman.  Watching her one morning on the Food Network she made Egg in a Hole. This recipe opened the flood gates of memories for me. My Aunt used to make this for me when I was little. She called them Top Hats. It has always been one of my absolute favorite breakfasts. So comforting.

    Thank you Ree for reminding me of this childhood favorite.  This was included in The Pioneer Woman Cooks – don’t have it? Get it! There are some great recipes in here!

    Breakfast doesn’t get easier than this. Whether you call this Egg in a Hole or Top Hats or Bird’s Nests, make them! They will quickly become a favorite of your family!

    • 1 slice of your favorite kind of bread
    • 1 tablespoon butter
    • 1 egg
    • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
    • dash of tabasco (optional)

    With a biscuit cutter or the rim of a glass, cut a hole in the center of the slice of bread. This disk forms the “hat” part.


    Heat a skillet over medium heat and melt in the butter. When the butter is melted, place the piece of bread and the hat in the skillet. As the bread and hat begin to turn golden brown, crack the egg into the center of the hole. Salt, pepper, a dash of tabasco, if using.


    Cook until the egg sets a bit on the bottom, about a minute.  After the minute, flip it over with a spatula and salt and pepper the other side.

    Move the whole piece of toast and the hat around the skillet, soaking up all of the butter. Let cook until the yolk still feels soft.

    YUM! And don’t let anyone steal your hat! That’s the best part!

    13 Responses

    1. I love doing this. Top Hat? I get it, but I call mine hobo eggs!

    2. I love this! I’ve always heard it called Egg in a Basket.

    3. My mom always called them Toad in a Hole. I like Egg in a Hole so much better and Top Hats is perfect! That is definitely my new name for these. I haven’t made them in years. I need to make some more bread today so that we can do this tomorrow. Thanks!

    4. I think I learned to make these when I was about 10 years old in camp one summer, cooked over a campfire. Loved them ever since. I used to make them for my little brother and they were one of his favorite breakfasts all of his life. My kids also love them…we never called them anything else but “Egg in the Hole”. You gave me the urge to make them for breakfast this morning…they were yummy!
      Thanks….yours look great!

    5. I make this for my kids all the time! They love it. I love it. For some weird reason the egg and the toast taste better when they are all in one like this. We call it, “Egg IN Toast”. Simple and to the point and not terribly creative. Oh, by the way, have you tried it with pancake batter? That is the bomb! Put a spray coated round cookie cutter on the griddle and carefully pour batter around circle with a liquid measuring cup. ONce the pancake starts to cook, carefully peel out the cookie cutter and crack the egg in the hole. Flip when ready. P.S. My Vampire cupcakes made the finals in Yummly’s contest. If you click on my blog, I have the link…please vote! 🙂

    6. I’m loving reading the different names for thesse. I learned how to make these in Home-Ec in Grade 7. We called them Egyption One-Eyes. I think my original recipe even called for them to be fried in bacon fat. What can I say – it was (year inadvertenely deleted). It was before bacon fat became persona-non-fatta (pardon the very bad pun).

    7. Good ol’ bird’s nests 🙂 Boy oh boy, does this bring back breakfast memories from my childhood!

    8. I am so going to make these for Finn. He adores eggs!

    9. My mom used to make these for us, too! We called them eggs with hats. I liked the hats best of all…and always wanted her to make extras 🙂 I need to catch up around here!!!

    10. Everything OK? Just checking on you.

    11. Interesting name – Top Hat. That’s a new one for this breakfast classic. I always called them egg in a hole but a friend calls them winkies and I’ve hobo eggs, nested egg and the list goes on and on. No matter what they are called – they are delicious and a wonderful quick breakfast!

    12. I was just about to make breakfast and I’m SO glad you posted this recipe! Much more “festive” than the ol’ eggs & toast routine. Thanks for bringing back this classic!

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