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    There is a game going around the Blogging world called Seven Links.  Basically there are 7 questions, that you answer using previous posts of yours. My dear friend Lizzy over at That Skinny Chick Can Bake tagged me, so here I go (grumble, grumble, grumble)! 
    Before I start, I must say I was really not sure I was happy about this tag. But in retrospect, it’s been very cathartic. It let’s me see how my blog has progressed, how may new people I have met, where I want to improve, etc.
    So, we’ll have to change that grumble, to a thanks, LIZZY!
    1.  Most Beautiful Post: I would say from a culinary standpoint, the Frico Cups I made for the Daring Bakers Edible Containers was the most beautiful.
    2.  Most Popular Post: Surprising to me the Flour Tortillas was the second most popular post.  The first was the Homemade Vanilla that you’ll see in No. 5.
    3.  Most Controversial Post:  I am fortunate enough to say I don’t have one!
    4. The Most Helpful Post: Wooden Spoon Butter – wonderful treatment for all your wooden kitchen toys as well as cutting board. This actually could have gone under No. 7 as well – not getting the attention it deserved. This stuff is an absolute necessity if you’re mean to your wooden kitchen gadgets!
    5.  Post that was surprisingly successful:   Homemade Vanilla – how surprised was I that this has had the most hits. It doesn’t hurt that FoodBuzz picked this as one of its flavors of the month postings!

    6.  Post that did not get the attention it deserved: My Mom’s Italian Bread – I thought it was great and the photos were terrific, but it didn’t seem to get much attention! So hard to tell what will ever get attention, isn’t it?

    7.  Post you are most proud of: To me, my Grandma Rosie’s Ravioli  is my most beautiful post, but that is purely from a content perspective. I have wanted to try this recipe of my Great Grandmother’s for a long time. It’s Tommy’s favorite, and it as his 21st birthday.

    There are 2 rules.  1 link per category.  And to tag 5 other bloggers.  Here are my 5:
    JamieAnne – A Dash of Domestic
    Danielle – Hugs & Cookies
    And from a purely honorary standpoint (mis you, love you, always) –

    11 Responses

    1. It definitely is hard to tell what will get attention, although desserts which I don’t post a lot seem to be popular. The ravioli and bread sound amazing to me. Great round up.

    2. Thank you for the tag…but the next week or so will be crazy here. I will try to do it but I can not promise…
      Sorry xo

    3. Aww! Thanks for the tag! I love all the posts you picked. 🙂

    4. Fun stuff!

      Hey, thanks for the add on Food Buzz! Love meeting other bloggers who love food just as much as me, lol!

    5. Great links choices! Can’t wait to read through them all!

    6. You are a GOOD sport…and a good friend for doing this post. Off to read the ones I’ve missed 🙂

    7. I had to come back to let you know I loved your honorary tagging of Becky…so touching.

    8. Thank you…I think…for tagging me. I will have to round up my recipes soon. Take care and have a great weekend! 🙂

    9. […] a month ago, Andrea of From the Bookshelf gifted the 7 links challenge to me. Heh! I’m quite tardy to the 7 links party. Sorry about […]

    10. I was a residual “Tagee” via, Jamie@ A Dash If Domestic..and wanted to thank you also.
      Bless You

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