Bird’s Eye Primavera Vegetable Risotto

Okay. I am a big baby!

When asked if I’d like to test a product, I can’t say no.

So when the opportunity came through FoodBuzz to test some Bird’s Eye products, naturally I volunteered.

I received 4 bags of new vegetable products – Steamfresh Chef’s Favorites – creamed spinach, roasted potatoes with green beans, primavera vegetable risotto and mushroom and green bean risotto.

Okay. So first I tried the roasted potatoes with green beans. I am sorry Bird’s Eye, it was just gross.

I was really reluctant to try again, but the Primavera Vegetable Risotto was singing to me.

I had oven roasted salmon slated for dinner ad as usual was at a total loss for a side. Looking at the bag of risotto I thought it would be a perfect complement.

It was wonderful! The vegetables were tender and not mushy, they still had shape and color and a true freshness to them. I don’t know what sort of rice they used, but it was perfectly cooked. Perfectly seasoned. It says lightly sauced, but it was not overly sauced or seasoned. Creamy. Tender. Delicious! Even my husband, Mr. Picky, loved it – actually, he thought I made it from scratch!

This is a great go to for rushed nights when you still want something warm and wonderful with your dinner!

6 Responses

  1. Sounds like a mixed bag. Sorry, couldn’t resist that bad pun. Good review.

  2. This looks like a great and quick dish. Great post!


  4. Taste testing, How fun! This looks good. I’ve found that potatoes don’t ever taste right to me when they’ve been frozen.

    🙂 Great (and honest) review!

  5. I’m glad it tasted just as good as it looks on the plate! I always go for fresh, and so love making risotto’s.Will keeps a ‘Bird’s Eye’ view out for the product in the supermarket for whenever I’m in a rush! Always handy if there’s space in the freezer!

  6. It does look quite yummy! And that salmon… DELICIOUS!!! It is making me crave fish now!

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