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  • Cowboy Cookies

    Summer is here. Baking for me becomes fast and furious.

    Why – you might wonder – is this woman baking in blinding heat?

    Well, I’ll tell ya …

    My son chose to stay home while in college. He really had no interest in dorming or being away from home for school. Makes it tough on him though – he doesn’t get the wonderful care packages of baked goods that his friends and family get!

    He does leave at the very beginning of the summer to work at Frenchwoods Festival for the Performing Arts. He is a bunk counselor and music staff. Gets him out of NYC for the summer and makes sure that he plays his trombone all day, every day.

    This, however, is my chance to send my son goodies in care packages.

    He doesn’t like chocolate (sigh). He loves oatmeal cookies. And I have an oatmeal cookie that I really and truly love. But every once in a while I just want to bust out of the box and try something new!

    Enter COWBOY COOKIES from Baked Explorations the geniuses from Baked in Red Hook, Brooklyn. You’ve also seen Matt many times on the Martha Stewart Show.

    I had been wanting to participate in BAKED Sunday Mornings, but I am seriously bad at keeping up with and being in time for bake-alongs. I love the idea of it, I am just never ready ahead of time or on time. Might be a serious anti-establishment streak I have buried deep inside. But heck, they’re just cookies so how serious do we need to get!?

    Good, simple ingredients. I love the hint of espresso. And pretzels? Anything that give me that salty sweet tingle is okay in my book!

    These come together really easily. The dough is very soft when done. The rest in the fridge for 4 hours, makes it firm and easy to scoop out.

    The first batch I put in the oven I used a 2 tablespoon scoop. I think they were too small. Second batch I used a larger scooper and these cookies were much better.

    Some pretzels go in the batter and some …

    … get pressed into the top of the cookie. They are chewy and a bit caramel-y. Light, just sweet enough. Perfect.

    They are now winging their way up to camp to my son and my adopted sons. Let’s see what they think of them!

    I cannot share the recipe with you, but you can find it here.

    14 Responses

    1. AC was invented so we could eat cookies all year round!

    2. Mmm I LOVE all these ingredients!! Must try it 😀

    3. OOOhhhhhh those look really good. Today is a great day for baking not too hot!
      I am so trying these…

    4. I love any cookie with oatmeal in it..so this is a winner in my book
      bookmarked to try SOON

    5. What a great mom! Don’t you just love those moments where you still have a chance to mother them now that they are grown? My son is 16 and sometimes when he requests a favorite treat, I get to feel like he is little again. These cookies look right up our family’s alley. I will have to go to his sight and take a peek.

      • Mine is 21 and admits he still needs a little mothering! He’s a little heart broken at the moment, so these hopefully will help!

    6. I’ve seen these before and they look quite tasty. Great post!

    7. I love anything sweet, salty, and caramel-ly. Bet these didn’t last too long around the guys!

    8. THanks, everyone! I am sure these will be a great hit! Hopefully they travel well!

    9. Gosh, you’re killing me here with stuff I want to make. Ummm…yeah….no, maybe the right word should be NEED to make! Lemonade, ribs, cookies, yikes!

    10. My son too is home with me, no care packages for him, just a filled cookie jar in the kitchen! And this is something he will really like!!

      • I am absolutely happy to fill the cookie jar and not sending care packages! I barely make it through the 3 months he’s away working! And I see him twice in there!

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