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  • Cola & Jam Spareribs

    One of my favorite styles of cooking is hands down BBQ. And, conversely, the thing I jones for the most during the winter is BBQ.

    Leave it to Dorie Greenspan to come up with the perfect solution for my winter BBQ blues in Around My French Table ~ Cola and Jam Spareribs.

    The timing was perfect – an upcoming French Fridays with Dorie recipe coupled with a gloomy, chilly Sunday and the ribs were on sale! Trifecta!

    I love that Dorie’s recipes shoot different scents wafting throughout the house. There is a marriage of different aromas and flavors that always come together perfectly both for your nose and mouth. The anticipation of what’s to come is mind boggling.

    So quick to put together with simple, yet intriguing, ingredients.

    I have to admit. I cheated a bit. I bought my ribs already cut. Anything to make my time in the kitchen simpler and more enjoyable.

    I let the ribs sit in the marinade for a little over 2 hours in the fridge. Then brought them to room temperature before I put them in the oven.

    I confess, I am a baster.  I baste constantly cooking my turkey on Thanksgiving, and I basted these ribs far more than the recipe suggested. Especially after  adding the Coca-Cola for the last 30 minutes of cooking time.

    The end result was sticky and sweet from the orange juice and Coke with a depth of flavor from the Chinese 5 spice and ginger. Falling off the bone tender and moist.

    This recipe will have MANY repeat performances in our house.

    24 Responses

    1. Precut ribs? No, that’s the best part, whacking them with a hatchet and the sauce flying everywhere and … oh, um yes you’re smart. I’ve never tried the soda trick, but can imagine it really tenderizes the meat. And now I want ribs!

      • Greg, nothing terrifies more than whacking things with a big knife! Truth be told, I am a knife chicken! But this recipe is fabulous!

    2. These look delicious! I smoked some baby backs out on the grill the other day…love me some great ribs! I will have to try this one…

    3. I have to laugh at your “I’m a baster” – I’m not really one so that last half hour was a little intensive for me. The smell and that sticky glaze definitely made up for it.

      • Definitely part of my kitchen kraziness. I can’t help it! But this recipe was really great. I may use cherry cola next time or cherry preserves.

    4. Yum, yum, yum! This sounds so perfect for a summer night with your freshly squeezed lemonade! I am a baster as well. It’ hard to resist multiple bastings when you have a glaze that looks that good!

    5. Your ribs turned out fantastic! Great post!

    6. LOL, I think I’m a lazy cook…and probably basted less than I should have. Your ribs look wonderful…glad you enjoyed them, too 🙂

    7. Your ribs look great! I wonder if I had marinated them if it would have improved them for me… Are you new to FFwD? I haven’t been to your site before, but it looks like you enjoy cooking similar things to what I like to make. I’ll be visiting again to see what’s new to come out of your kitchen!

      • Hi Betsy and Welcome! I am not new but not an every week kinda gal! I visited yours as well and subscribed to be updated all the time! And yes, I think marinating makes a huge difference – but I am funny about that!

    8. I’m glad you like these ribs- they look great. We liked them( I used beef short ribs) but probably won’t make them exactly this way again, although my husband loved them and would like them again. I’m a baster too, it’s kind of addicting;-)

    9. I don’t think you can over-baste this recipe – it just makes it more delicious. These were a hit at my house, too.

    10. I used the same cheat (pre-cut ribs) and I definitely think it added to the end product. Glad you enjoyed!
      And basting is always a friend!

    11. Now I’m hungry for ribs! Great recipe. Wonderful pictures!

    12. I am so not a baster – I was too lazy to do it at all! LOL Yours look delicious : )

    13. I’m glad you liked these. I enjoyed basting ’cause I loved letting that great smell go all over the house. The scent was driving everyone crazy which is one way to ensure that everything gets eaten.

    14. The ribs look fingerlicking!

    15. This is definitely one of those recipes I will be trying. We love our pork ribs here. Intriguing ingredients, a must try if DG suggests them. And you too, of course.

    16. Sending my husband this link! These look delicious!

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