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    Dulce de Leche

    Believe me when I tell you, it don’t get much easier than this!

    I would have had this post done sooner, but my fingers have been sticking to the keys.

    You’ll see. Try it. The horror stories you hear about exploding cans are simply not true.

    This obsession started with a phone call from a friend of mine. She lives in Ishkabibble. She wanted to make a dulce de leche cake for her husband. This call was from a supermarket – the 4th in Ishkabibble that she had been to – and she was in full on panic mode. My simple answer – make dulce de leche yourself.

    It’s easy, said I. At least from what I read – I had not yet DARED try this. I had this particular recipe – if you want to call it that – cut out for ages. But every dulce de leche recipe done with this process comes with warnings about exploding cans!  EXPLODING CANS!

    You remember me? The person who leaves the slow cooker going and spends the rest of the day at work worried that every siren going past the office (that is 6 miles away from home) is racing toward her house to put out the fire caused by the unattended crock pot? And now I am supposed to deal with EXPLODING CANS!

    Well, she did it. Said it was delightful. OMGEEEEEE-GOOD, in fact.

    So what’s a little exploding can between friends.

    Suck it up, Buttercup. And so I did just that.

    • 1 can sweetened condensed milk

    Really, 1 ingredient.

    Take the label off the can. Yes, you can throw it out, you don’t need it.

    Place can in a pot large enough so that the can will be covered when you fill the pot with water. Also, have a second pot filled with water at a light simmer. You will need this to add water to the pot with the can so that the can stays covered with boiling water.

    Bring to a boil and cook for 90 minutes. You can adjust the time to achieve a lighter or darker result.

    Here’s the tricky part, and the part with EXPLODING CAN FEAR – Make sure the can always remains covered with water, adding any when necessary.

    Remove pot from the heat and drain. Set the can on the counter and allow it to cool completely.

    Open can and enjoy.  Not the right word – indulge, dive in, gobble with greedy spoonfuls, become sticky faced, sticky fingered! You may need to make 2 cans!

    Transfer to an airtight container and store in the fridge. Should last at least 1 week (HAHAHAHAHAHA). Use it straight from the fridge, warm it in the microwave, and in any recipe calling for dulce de leche.

    Me? Pour it over icecream and I am a happy girl!



    21 Responses

    1. This looks absolutely dreamy. Yum!

    2. So, a few years ago I attempted making dulce de leche for my close Brazilian friend and his girlfriend who is crazy about the stuff. No can involved, lots of stirring, a good result but a little grainy and lumpy. And now I discover all you have to do is this?? Wish I had known earlier. Then again, it is never too late, right?

      • I saw the stirring mehtod. I saw the oven method. THen I saw this method. I figured if I stood there watching it like a hawk (from a safe distance) it would be fine. AND IT WAS!! Give it a whirl!

    3. I do believe you’ve inspired me to try this out! I too was always hesitatnt, but your post describes this easily and your photos are teasingly delicious!

    4. Oh wow, we have friends who practically drink this stuff. They’d love this.

    5. It may be easy, but it is beyond decadent daaaaahling. I love it!
      *kisses* HH

    6. I’m another who has been to chicken to try this method…but after seeing your decadent results, I’d love to try this and swirl it into homemade vanilla ice cream. YUM!

    7. YUM! I’m trying this one…maybe swirling it into homemade vanilla ice cream….mmmmm.

    8. I love dulce de leche so much and it is expensive to buy. I have seen this method of making it before, but have not given it a try. Your photos have inspired me to finally give it a whirl.

    9. I use my large pasta pot when making dulce de leche to ensure there’s more than enough water covering the can. After it boils for two hours, I turn off the burner, and leave it overnight to cool down. I’m too chicken to do it any other way, but I can do two batches at the same time.

    10. I have never tried this either for fear of exploding cans but now I feel like maybe I can. Thanks! It looks so yummy…especially over ice cream..which I happen to have some HOME MADE in my freezer! 🙂 Happy long weekend, and BTW I LOVE THE NAME ISHKABIBBLE. Why do I not get to live there so I can say that I live on Ishkabibble. Can’t wait to share this with my daughter!

      • I will glady share my dulce de leche for some ice cream!! Nope, have no fear, no exploding cans here! Ishkabibble was a place my parents used to call tiny little remote places that you could never remember the names of!

    11. I actually laughed out loud when I read “Should last at least 1 week (HAHAHAHAHAHA)”. I’m going to have to agree with you though, if I made this, which I hopefully will soon enough seeing as you’ve inspired me to try it out, I can guarantee that it won’t last very long lying around…

    12. This sounds so awesome, definitely would not last a week in my fridge! 🙂

    13. It is indeed scary the first time you do it but delicious.

    14. Dulce De Lec he is my life! I have yet to try making it myself; as I do tend to set fire to things at times… clumsy is my word. But I may just bravethis one soon!

    15. what happens if you leave it in the can? Do you have dulce de leche that you can serve at any time? Will it last?

      • I don’t know how long you would want to keep it in the can. It should keep about a week in an air tight container, then it starts to get grainy. Mine didn’t last anywhere near that long!

    16. […] was blog stalking again last night and came across this post on From the Bookshelf: a recipe for homemade Dulce de Leche, which was so incredible easy, that there is no reason not to […]

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