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    My husband – Mr. 95 Cholesterol – is a huge snacker. Since ‘the incident’ his type of snacking has had to change. His snack of choice pre-heart attack was salsa FROM A JAR and bags and bags and bags of Tostito Scoops chips. You cannot even begin to fathom the ridiculous amount of sodium in a jar of salsa. The sodium in a bag of Tostitos could quite possibly blow the top of your head off.

    During the summer, I always make fresh salsa and guacamole, so it occurred to me I could just as easily, cheaply, and far more healthily make salsa for Mr. Snackenpuss.

    One problem solved.

    Only thing left was the chips. No salt + No fat = No taste. The chips took a lot of experimenting. What I finally ended up with were baked corn tortillas that have been given the lightest spray of Pam.

    I purchased corn tortillas that are 5 1/2″ in diameter.  Pre-heat the oven to 400. Cut the tortillas into sixths.

    Spread the cut-up tortillas on baking sheets. The number of baking sheets will depend on the amount of tortilla you cut. I usually do 2 half sheet pans at a time. It saves me having to make them during the week. Give the top of the tortillas a light spray with Pam.

    Put trays into oven. This was the tricky part for me. After 5 minutes I shake the tray, take apart any forming clumps and close the door again. After 5 more minutes, I check again. If the tortilla on the edges of the pan are turning brown I turn off the oven and let the trays sit in the oven until completely cool. This lets the tortilla crisp up. Zip-loc bags and we’re golden.

    The salsa is simple.

    All you need are a few fresh ingredients and a food processor.

    Place 2 pints of grape tomatoes in the food processor. Add 1/4 of a red onion, 2 garlic cloves, the juice of1 lime, salt and pepper to taste, 1 1/2 teaspoons dried cilantro.

    I use dried cilantro to not waste a whole bunch of cilantro for a few sprigs. You can add jalapeno into this, if you like a little heat. Mr. Snackenpuss does not like heat in his salsa. The measurements for the ingredients are purely subjective to what suits your taste. This is what is loved around this house.

     Blitz and enjoy! I tend to leave mine a little on the chunky side.

    17 Responses

    1. Great recipe. I’m considering canning some salsa. 🙂

    2. Let me look into it. I’ve only canned jellies or peppers. I’ll check it out and get back to you.

      • I’ve checked the canning books I bought. All the salsa recipes in the book have vinegar added (I’m sure it’s what keeps the salsa from going bad.)
        I will happily forward you the recipes. 🙂

        • Sure I would love to see some! Would be good for those times when you can’t find anything that resembles a good tomato!

        • I’ve figured it out, I believe. I blogged it. I’m sorry I failed to e-mail it to you. It’s been crazy here.

        • Not to worry! I saw it and printed it and can’t wait to try it! Especially toward the end of the summer when tomatoes are the best!

    3. Great idea to make snacks at home to better control what goes in them. Your salsa looks delicious!

    4. That looks fabulous and love how it’s chunky. Love your style of writing, too. Lots of fun!

    5. […] salsa (if you like it) If you want to make your own salsa check out this post on from the Cookbook shelf […]

    6. I have made salsa but it never occured to me to make healthy oven baked chips at home. Brilliant. I will try this immediately, if I get lucky finding a pack of corn tortillas…

      • When I was in Florence at the beginning of May, we went to supermarkets (coz that’s what we twisted foodies do!) to poke around and they had corn tortillas! You could make your own without to0o much fuss. That’s my next project!

    7. That looks great. I’ve never made my own. I love that you bake them. I have a fear of frying.:)

      • I have a fear of frying too! It takes a little experimenting to get the timing for your oven right, but I find once the outside ones start to crisp, the inside ones will dry once you turn off the oven. And don’t forget to give it an occasional stir!

    8. […] got this great salsa recipe from Andrea over at From the Bookshelf. My son can not get enough of this salsa. It is fabulous, fresh, and tasty. The price of […]

    9. You made it to my blog before I could tell you, but still wanted to leave in writing that I posted this idea and linked to your blog. Thanks for the tortilla tip!

    10. […] blog friend Andrea over at From the Bookshelf posted this great salsa recipe, I monkeyed with it a bit and posted my frugal version here. Next […]

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