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    Garlicky Crumb Coated Broccoli

     I am really starting to love French Fridays with Dorie. There are some great cooks there, fun people with a common interest. Lots of support and kind comments back and forth. I also love to see everyone’s different perspective and photos on each dish. The recipes are all the same but the similarities end there.

    This week’s recipe was Garlicky Crumb Coated Broccoli. Does that sound amazing or what? Well, I’ll tell ya, it is. It’s simple and fast with a new twist on a favorite vegetable in my house. How many times can you steam, stir fry or roast the same vegetable without people nodding out at your table?

    It’s as simple as steaming broccoli.

    Sauteing garlic in butter (what can be bad about that?), toasting the crumbs IN the butter and garlic, and adding flavor boosting lemon zest and parsley.

    Add the broccoli. Toss to coat. Voila! You are done.

    Make sure you spoon over whatever crumbs didn’t stick to the broccoli on the top. You really don’t want to mis out on a single lemony, garlicky, buttery crumb! 


    10 Responses

    1. Wasn’t this a great recipe? Love your write up, Annie~

      • I thought this was fabulous! We love broccoli and this really gave it a nice new spin. This was just a NIGHTMARE to photograph!

    2. I loved this recipe, especially the smells when adding the zest and herbs to the breadcrumbs. This is definitely a keeper!

    3. I love these incredibly simple, amazingly tasty recipes. This is what everyday cooking is about, Who has time for super elaborate any day of the week. Yet, it is original and sounds mouthwatering.

    4. Thanks! I DO need a new way to do broccoli and I think you have convinced me to check out French Fridays.

    5. A simple but definitely very flavoursome and tasty vegetable treat!

    6. This was a great recipe, wasn’t it? I love being in the FFWD cooking group and seeing the variations on the same dish, too. It opens up your mind further and because the people are so kind, it opens up your heart as well :-).

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