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    Quinoa – pronounced KEEN-wah.

    Supposed to be healthy. It’s full of protein, iron, potassium, vitamins and minerals.

    Surprisingly not a grain, but a seed.

    Lotso fiber.

    So, we need to get more fiber and healthy food into our diets. We are definitely tired of brown rice and (evil) orzo. We need to expand our horizons to beans and grains and seeds.

    I was delighted when one of my blogging buddies made a quinoa salad for a cook along. While I am a day late and a dollar short in joining in this one, it was definitely worth the effort. I didn’t follow Danielle’s recipe, but took it as a jumping off point and went my own way.

    I thought the quinoa with roasted asparagus, scallions, lemon juice a wee bit of olive oil would be good.

    I had a dickens of a time finding quinoa, but finally came across red quinoa that is supposedly sweeter than the white. Having never had either before, I can’t tell you if that’s so – but the red is slightly sweet.

    Very simple.

    Rinse the quinoa very well. Cook according to the package directions. I changed that a bit by cooking it in chicken stock instead of water.

    I roasted the asparagus. Once roasted I cut them into small pieces. I chopped the scallions. Added them to the quinoa. Squirt of lemon juice, a little zest, salt (shhh) and pepper, and you’re done.

    Very quick, very easy, very healthy, and very tastey!


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